How does SCAQ differ from traditional swim team programs? Other than being the BEST, we are a collection of so many different goals, skill levels, and ages that love the leadership of an experienced coach. What are the age requirements for joining the SCAQ Masters swimming program? SCAQ is centered on adults and maximizing their time for fitness, fun, and swimming goals, including triathlons. What are the training schedules and commitment expectations for SCAQ swimmers? You can swim as often and as little as you want, but most swimmers swim three times per week and we recommend three to achieve incredible fitness goals – but two is better than one, and one is better than none. Please, tell us your goals! How does the club accommodate swimmers of different skill levels?  Lanes within a workout are broken up by speed. Speed is based on the interval for 5x100s. Don’t know what that means? We will teach you! Do I have to be a good swimmer to participate? You do not have to be fast to swim with SCAQ. SCAQ was many of our swimmers first experience swimming in a workout. Start swimming with us and we will get you started in the right direction, not only technically but also with the best training methods.  Getting in on your own is difficult.  You will progress much faster and maximize your exercise time in the water with some helpful coaching in an organized setting. Are there opportunities for competition and what are the requirements for participation? There are definitely opportunities for competition. The meets are open to all swimmers. Swim meet information can be found on the USMS website.  Also, ocean swim events and triathlons. What are the fees associated with joining the SCAQ swimming program? Monthly membership is $120. Or, you can pay by the workout. Single workouts are $15. Are there any requirements for equipment or attire? You do not need to purchase any special equipment. Pools have kickboards and...

Swim Meets


Upcoming Meets:

June 20-24 in Indianapolis – “Spring” Nationals (short course yards). Running partly concurrently with the US Olympic Trials, also in Indy.


Mission Viejo August 21-25 – Summer Nationals are local!  Mission Viejo August 21-25. We will put together a big team!  This is a good meet to set your goals for.



SCAQ Kids is a novice swim team that meets at the Culver Plunge. Mon-Fri 6-6:55 pm.

Monthly Fees:

Twice Weekly – $67 per month 

Three Days per Week – $84 per month

Four Days per Week – $101 per month

Five Days per Week – $118 per month

Kids must be at least 8 years old and be able to swim 25 yards freestyle, breathing to the side without stopping or standing.

All swimmers must be evaluated before joining. Swim evaluations happen a few times a month. Email to find out about upcoming dates.

Before a swim evaluation, you will need to set up an account in the SCAQ Portal. Once you create an account, click on Bookings, then Program, then SCAQ Kids, and then you will see the SCAQ Kids Novice Swim Team Interest List. You will need to enroll your child on that list.

Creating an account does not add you to the list. So, be sure to enroll your child on the SCAQ Kids Novice Swim Team Interest List.  You will need to enter your credit card.


Get in touch

Contact us between 9am-5pm at: (310) 390-5700. You can also send us an email by clicking the email icon below or visit us at one on one of the social networks to say hi.