How does SCAQ differ from traditional swim team programs? Other than being the BEST, we are a collection of so many different goals, skill levels, and ages that love the leadership of an experienced coach.

What are the age requirements for joining the SCAQ Masters swimming program? SCAQ is centered on adults and maximizing their time for fitness, fun, and swimming goals, including triathlons.

What are the training schedules and commitment expectations for SCAQ swimmers? You can swim as often and as little as you want, but most swimmers swim three times per week and we recommend three to achieve incredible fitness goals – but two is better than one, and one is better than none. Please, tell us your goals!

How does the club accommodate swimmers of different skill levels?  Lanes within a workout are broken up by speed. Speed is based on the interval for 5x100s. Don’t know what that means? We will teach you!

Do I have to be a good swimmer to participate? You do not have to be fast to swim with SCAQ. SCAQ was many of our swimmers first experience swimming in a workout. Start swimming with us and we will get you started in the right direction, not only technically but also with the best training methods.  Getting in on your own is difficult.  You will progress much faster and maximize your exercise time in the water with some helpful coaching in an organized setting.

Are there opportunities for competition and what are the requirements for participation? There are definitely opportunities for competition. The meets are open to all swimmers. Swim meet information can be found on the USMS website.  Also, ocean swim events and triathlons.

What are the fees associated with joining the SCAQ swimming program? Monthly membership is $120. Or, you can pay by the workout. Single workouts are $15.

Are there any requirements for equipment or attire? You do not need to purchase any special equipment. Pools have kickboards and pull buoys.  If you don’t have fins you may want to purchase them. We have fins.

Are there any prerequisites for joining, such as prior swim experience? You should be able to swim 50 yards freestyle without stopping. Contact the office for more specific scaq@swim.net

If it rains are practices cancelled? We swim rain or shine!  Pool closures due to weather are usually last minute.  Pools close if there is thunder or lightning, or if it is raining so hard that the lifeguards can’t see the bottom of the pool.

Is coaching provided and what are the qualifications of the coaches?  We take pride in having incredible coaches on deck helping you achieve your swim goals by an organized workout.

Is there a trial period or a way to try out the program before committing? You can attend one workout for free.  Contact the office to arrange a trial swim scaq@swim.net.

How is the team organized and what is the team culture like?  People get to meet other great individuals with similar goals and make friends in accomplishing their ambitions.

Are there any social events or activities for members? We do have social events a couple times a year.  Members can also attend USMS swim meets, ocean swims.

Are there any discounts or deals available for members? We provide financial assistance to those who cannot afford the workouts. Contact the office for more information scaq@swim.net

Can members use the pool outside of designated practice times? You can use the pool outside of SCAQ workouts times, but you will need to pay the entrance fee and check the pool for when lap swim is offered.

Are there any opportunities for open water swimming?  We offer open water clinics and workouts usually starting in late spring/early summer.

Are there any opportunities for stroke or technique clinics? We do offer stroke clinics! They are open to all swimmers. Keep an eye out for dates and times.  Also ask our SCAQ coach to video you swimming a workout.

Can non-members participate in any of the team’s events? Yes, and bring a friend or two. 

Are there any special programs or training plans for triathletes or open-water swimmers?  Yes, many, see our emails and website.

Are there any opportunities for volunteer or leadership roles within the team? Yes, please! Email us.  We are especially interested in those that live in the community surrounding our facilities.

Are there any opportunities for swimming camps or trips? Give us an idea and let’s do it!

How often are meets or competitions held and what are the locations? Meets are held throughout the year. Swim meet information can be found on our Swim Meet page or by going to the USMS website.

Are there any opportunities for swimmers to compete at a national or international level? Definitely! All meets can be found on the USMS website.

Are there any discounts or deals available for students or senior citizens?  We provide financial assistance to any swimmer who cannot afford the workouts. Please contact the office for more information scaq@swim.net

Are there any opportunities for members to help coach or mentor new members?  Yes, for sure, contact us.

Are there any opportunities to participate in relay events or special events such as charity swims? Definitely! Relays are offered at all swim meets. Swimmers always receive information about swim meets and events.

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